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  • roryrae roryrae Nov 1, 2006 5:03 PM Flag

    This amount can get worse....

    It's like opening a can of worms. Everyone here had there bets on earnings. It will go down until actually earing are announced. I'm not trying to make you sell your shares, I'm staing the facts in today's conference call.

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    • Rory,

      Your starting to sound like a basher in hopes of buying it back much lower. You didn't like it when you were long. Be careful please. Think it's important to listen to end of this webcast one more time, to see if anyone else picks up what CEO's comment. I heard something that made my ears perk up...think he hint at something. See if anyone else caught it. The other point....would a suitor have an audit firm look at SUPG books and just possibily catch this error? Far fetch, but possibile. Please listen to ending again and tone on how Manuso made a statement.

    • Do you have the stomach and nerve of steel to buy AVNR?LOL.....I did and looking to buy more when I feel the falling knife hits the floor. This could very well turn out to be winner takes all and loser goes home. AVNR got hammered on a conditional approval letter from the FDA regarding Zenvia also known as Neurodex to treat patients with IEED. They don't know exactly what the FDA is asking before full approval for marketing the drug. Avanir has requested a meeting with the FDA for more detail and investors won't know for at least another 40 days. It could be some thing as simple as label warning or it could also mean the FDA wants more data regarding efficacy and safety thus a lenghty Phase III trial. Avanir has made it clear if it was the case, they won't pursuit another phase for Zenvia. So, my question to you my dear Chelobes; do you have what it takes to strike it rich or lose your shirt, pants and underwear at the same time?!!!LOL.

    • Correction 36k+ shares....I don't know where I saw 67k+!LOL.

    • Back to 5.30 in after market trading. Trying to find where other companies have encounter this. The worst point Eurogen never brought in any revenue...they paid this guy well and he apparently new the tax consequence and ignored it. Hope he has insider stock that they can freeze and go after for costs. I think very little over reaction tomorrow.

    • This matter is nothing comparing with the slew of companies which have options back dating issues. I can name a few like Apple Computer, Marvel Technology, Nvidia and the latest Coherent.

    • hey mac, we're getting crushed today. My SUPG is taking jabs and roundhouse kicks... but then again, all my best runners are getting whacked. NVEC, STEM, SIGM. Arghhhh.

      It will be okay though. Man, you must have a great knack for picking winning stocks... almost as good as me! LOL

      You ready to jump back in on SUF? Looks inviting.

      Hey, I had the lottery pick RNAI the other day, got bought out and rocketed 96%. Booyah! And then I gave it all back today. Boohoo!

      Buy low and sell high, mac


    • 67 thousand+ shares traded in AH show that cool heads prevail.

    • Win some Lose some my friend! and my warmest congratulation to you on RNAI.....Remind me when EYET got bought out by OSI pharma. All eyes are on our VPHM tomorrow!.
      I am with you all the way.