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  • Roryrae,

    You are right you have no clue. Your the worst kind of long. You want credit when it goes up and want to blame others when it falls. You actually are worse than the bashers. You have been caught posting inconsistancies and draw the criticism of both sides. Only a true idoit would be able to accomplish that. This is a long term hold and if you don't have the conviction on your investment DD then sell.

    Until insiders start to sell...we have nothing to worry about. Third quarter news is old and 2007 is setting up to be strong. I point out the positives and look for the negatives...the company has there hands tied with updates coming from MGI and JNJ. But this news is coming...and I can live with that. It's time to grow up Roryrae...

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    • I do not blame anyone other than myself when the stock goes down if I'm holding. I do get pissed off when an institution misleeds others into thinking one way while going the other. You or I cannot move the stock price. We are only victims of profits or losses.
      What I don't care for is you yaking away for the past 2 months without any knowledge of the price movement. Supg is a manipulative stock that I love to play. I know we'll get there toward my target price however I try to take advantage of the swings. We have a few more days of selling, exactly 2 days. You will notice the lows will be on Thursday. Why is that Billy boy ? I want to know if your knowledge is other than yaking away.