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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Dec 20, 2006 8:29 AM Flag

    1st quarter numbers

    12.2m Nipent deferred revenue
    14.0M Nipent acceleration
    3.75M Nipent EU sale
    3.0M Interest
    3.5M Dacogen Royalities

    36.45M Total
    9.0M Expense's

    27.45M PROFIT EPS .50

    I suspect we have another key announcement about to be released. All 4 analyst that follow SUPG will have to up their 2007 earnings estimates.

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    • We know there's a gap at $3.15 and other gaps $5.60 and $5.25. Supg will report earnings for the 4th quarter late Jan. early Feb 07. The institutional players are setting themselves up for a push. What direction I don't know as of yet. I will know very soon. They caught me off guard last time and I'm not letting them do the same thing to me twice.
      The reason for my analogy is simple. There is nothing for the next 3 to 5 months. I will let you know of my insights and you may either follow or watch and see.

    • I never said orthecin won't spin out toward another company with using another combination drug. CEO has express a deal w/orthecin. Any deal moving orthecin without losing money toward supg is a great deal.
      And I was saying about the month of December price range when supg was at $4.60. This is not the month to concentrate your insight. Next month to Feb. is the key.

    • With 5 trading days left...think your pretty save with the range. So are you saying Orathecin has no chance? The CEO didn't have to bring up this drug, he intentionally referenced it to give us some insight into the possible combination here. He also choose the words spinout....interest choice. I see real upside potential later in the year 07. The aml trials do not end till November and alternative dosing will be completed sometime in April. So your post that Jan/feb is key....please give some insight here so we all can understand your point.

    • Orthecin fell short of approval ? Orthecin was supg promise drug which sent the stock up to $80. Orthecin had numerous trials and always falling short of expectation. Many people on this board lost lots of money because of orthecin. Back in 2004 there was this person named The Art Collector, all of his picks were making money. I was bashed by him because I had gone the opposite way and told everyone orthecin wouldn't get the approval. Orhtecin got rejected in the beginning of 2005. After that The Art Collector which ruled this board never returned or has an alias name. Then many of his picks went south. And the funny thing about it, I bought back many shares after that fiassco.
      Say what you want about me. I've outlasted many even the downturn of supg to $3 and still made money during the past quarterly call.
      Just remember what I said, December will be in the same range $4.50-$5.25. You should concentrate on Jan-Feb.

    • Billy:

      I thought the Nipent sale was for $34 M and $8 ex US. Why is $12.2 deferred, did they realize the other $1.8M last Q and with the $14M coming with the transfer is the other $6 coming later(or is that the present value calculation). Thanks in advance for clarifying this for me.

      the Fish

    • Billy - what type of announcement are you looking for?

      • 1 Reply to kichigai06
      • I'm looking for something about a spinout with Orathecin. This drug was close for approval and CEO has mentioned that it would be involved in a spinout with another one of SUPG pipeline drugs. This drug has no partnership involved and would mean meet a huge untapped market. Of course this would probably send it back to phase I....but I believe these young doctors and CLIMB have found maybe the necessary combination that would get approved.