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  • batzem batzem May 2, 2007 9:31 PM Flag

    Where is Free gone???

    Rodman and Renshaw put out a report after the call headlined an Eventful Quarter. Subheadline Pipeline Packs Punch maintain one year price target of $24.Otherwise a rehash of the call

    Again I maintain none of the big institutional investors care about which quarte Nipent revenue is recognized its a one timer and doesnt provide growth. You're all to hung up on numbers that mean nothing At this point only Dacogen royalties and burn rate are important along with pipeline progress. Heres my read 2007 will be close to breakeven give or take a penny or two. Year end we'll have 1.75 t0 1.85 in cash per share (Which makes roryraes 2 buck prediction next to impossible. Its all about increasing Daacogen sales, new indications from ongoing clinicals and european registrations which will generate additional milestones and royalties along with pipeline progress . Hourly analysis of stock price is not healthy

    To Free I enjoy reading your stuff BUT I think its not right to claim you "feel a partnership" coming I think that kind oomment is misleading.

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    • About the $1.75 a share in cash by the end of the year, you got to be kidding. Wait till the end of the year, money will be needed to supply the drug trials. They will screw up as usual unless given to someone else. And about the supg being $2, look at what the company is worth $1.19 + $1.50(cash) = $2.69. Watch and learn.