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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 May 16, 2007 7:32 PM Flag

    Random thoughts from Meetings

    On the subject of Mp-470, this is what I like best. This drug will be used in combination studies with serveral different drugs.

    Carboplatin and paclitaxel/ MP-470 NSCLC
    Cisplatan/Mp-470 NSCLC
    Terceva/Mp-470 Prostate
    Gleevac/Mp-470 NSCLC

    The key to fast approval will come from this area. If Mp-470 can demonstate benefits to these first line treatments, then FDA will have to take notice. I believe we will see relationships with big pharma on combination studies, the first one that comes to mind is Genentech (Terceva). I would not be surprised if SUPG allows collaberations with each of these combination drugs. The reason they will want to work with MP-470, is that this drug may allow for the lower doseage but over a longer period of time. Currently these other drugs lead to toxocity levels that damage the kidneys. They will be eagar to collaborate on phase II to see results that have been shown in the lab. The key to combination is that MP-470 adds no toxocity, very important to quick approvals.

    This drug also will work as a single agent in numerous other cancers, but that track will take a little longer.

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    • What timeframe are we looking at for at least one of these studies to take place?

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      • Filpsofer,

        The latest update by the company was that they would overlap a phase I/II, so I would believe we could see a annouced combination study 3rd or 4th quarter, in my opinion. What's exciting about MP-470 is they have several biomakers to watch for. This compound inhibits so many different cancer proteins; C-kit,C-met,PDGFR,FLT#,AXL,ATP-site. SUPG stated they are in discussions on combination studies. These are the cancers I suspect that MP-470 will combine early in clinicals for NSCLC,Globlastoma. Later we should see trials for brain mets from lung,breast and melanoma.

        As a single agent this drug trials will include Ovatian, head and neck, pancretic, breast,medullary and papillary thyroid.

        Collaberations is the new buzzword in sharing cost early and getting new compounds early into a host of cancer studies. Looks to me that MP-470 has shown in the lab and animals that it enhances the efficacy and lowers the side effects and may even lead to reversing some of the side effects of these antibiotic and platinum agents that are the first line treatments. Not only will SUPG want to get this early into studies so will the larger bio's that own these other agents. You can sum up who these other companies maybe, by looking at the names that SUPG is already combining in the lab:

        Inatinib (Gleevac)
        Erlotinib (Tarceva)

        Supg may have a great reason to be so focused on taking this one up the line. It's very early but there are encouraging signs that this could be a very impressive drug. This small bio may have two drugs that are early finds by CLIMB. MP-529 is the most specific Auroura A inhibitor. I would hold some of this stock long term. If these early compounds show real signs the benefits, big pharma will be knocking hard on our door.

      • Are any Dacogen related papers being presented at ASCO in June this year?