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  • batzem batzem Jun 7, 2007 3:41 PM Flag

    Rory Lets make a bet.

    I bought another 10,000 shares today at average of 6.05 Lets see how who ahead two weeks from tomorrow. Whats your position?

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    • I bought another 10,000 shares today at average of 6.05

      Don't worry batzam I know its kyunkie up to his old tricks trying to blame this person, creating lies toward another person, and just crying like a baby since he lost over $60k telling everyone he wouldn't sell then sell his entire postion at $2.30.

    • Did batzem say another 10,000 shares. Did he have $120K tied up back then? No wonder he gets mad at everyone.

      That stock Batzem always forgets I owned was NVLT. I bought that thing on the cheap and it rocked to $3. Just go read how many times I got one starred warning the board, not to get too confident and take some off the table. Granted I didn't sell all of it. But I did make a huge profit. Can you tell us Batzem how this call worked out for you? The only thing you did was make rory look smart and that is hard to do.

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    • I like how Batzem wants to point out that I lost just a few bucks on a OEX PUT. He likes to forget that he was a buyer of SUPG at 6.05. How that work out Batzem. Maybe this explains the attitude. Great gamble of $60,500.00.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Yea you only ever lose a few bucks you're a genius . I also boght at 1.50 .171 205, I have an average price of a little over 3 bucks and trading profit of 85, 000 dollars on this stock.

        As long as you're doing research why not go find your posts on how MP 470 would be a billion dollar drugl and the ones about the patent being extended and the ones about the financial system collapsing You are a fraud and a proven liar and the only one with proven multiple identities .

    • Why two weeks, never said anything about 2 weeks. $2 before $8.

    • I think that move will pay off. Just watched Cramer on TV and he said that market sell off should end Friday. The weekend will let everyone cool off and then buying will set in on Monday. Noticed that May Short Interest is down to 3.9M shares of SUPG. Previous month was 4.5M. I do feel that no one wants to be holding the bag when this stock is recognized for it's value. Just feel it in my bones that Manuso will have another nice announcement this month. Stock should respond positively.

    • Omg, I just did a search and sure enough there are loads of lawsuits on manipulation. I wonder if our village idoit wants to retract his statement. Thanks goodtobe...this was a eye opening post. You have a guy like Rory stating this stocks going to $2 and then he's shorting the stock and now posts that SUPG is aware that Mp-470 will fail.

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      • You can post a opinion and as long as it's based on something the company has reported. But if you cross the line for personal gain, well I would be careful. Specially if your not liked to well. I don't know much about this drug and if they have failed any trials recently. I attended a conference a few months ago and about 25% of the time was addressing these kind of manipulations. They may seem harmless on the surface, but if a investor rely's on what you posted, you could be in for some serious expenses.

    • Batzem,

      I picked up a few shares today after it bounced off the lows. Looks like a decent volume in after hours. No bad news so, if your long these are the ups and downs. No one has posted anything negative and the same fool is stating Mp-470 has already failed again with absolutely no logical reason. Looking for April numbers on Dacogen. MGI stated they were strong. I would think we see real appreciation as we get close to JNJ/MGI reporting AML results late this year. The second quarter will shape up very decent. I target above 7.00 going into numbers.

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      • I wish I had shorted this one. I had some decent luck today shorting PHRM and VRTX. Covered late and expect a nice rebound in biotech's tomorrow. I have been watching this stock and like this board except one individual. I just read a few posts and I have just a little advice for this individual. If your short you have to be careful on stating a lie on a blog. If you google "blog lawsuits" you will find about a dozen lawsuits. They stem from poster's trying to manipulate the stock by posting lie's that investor rely on. I'm very careful not to post something that's detrimental to anyone's holdings. This persons posting about this drug failing and the company knowing it, could be harmless in nature but I would not post anything like this, if I had a negative postion.