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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Jul 24, 2007 10:41 AM Flag

    Private Equity

    Private equity would need a buyer arranged to take over the development drugs and unless they can prearrange this, I see this as a long shot at best. Anyone, that wanted the development stage drugs, would also want the developed drug. I also see SUPG putting up a fight on any private equity deal. They are high on MP-470/529. I have stated this point before, if 470 demonstrates benefits to first in line chemo/anti-cancer agents, we could see approval for this drug in record time.

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    • Will it be in late 2008 or sometime in 2009 that MP470 trials will be completed?

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      • Here's my thinking on this. Mp-470 should be involved in a overlapping ph1/2 by years end in NSCLC in combination with first in line drugs. Remember in EU and U.S. these are two different combinations. Now on time line. What I believe will be the key to approval, will not be that 470 increases survival, but that it allows lower dosaging of these anti-cancer agents over a longer period of time. If Mp-470 can validate Invivo results, then FDA may take a long good look at approval, due to lowering toxcity issues in already first in line therapy. SUPG will want the best shot at the fastest approval. I see this as one of there best shots. If they can show that lower side effects and hopefully the inhibit double strande breaks repair...well just maybe they can take this to the FDA after phase II? Gleevac was able to accomplish this and that drug has horrible side effects. The biomarkers could also aide in speed to approval, by identifying who would benefit, again speed to approval. The pieces have to fall in place and other approvals for this drug will take years. From the info we can research on these pipeline drugs, there's a chance that a quick approval could happen. I want to be around if this plays out.