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  • lltinvest lltinvest Nov 15, 2007 10:04 PM Flag

    October Sales

    Looking at the sales chart SUPG provides, there is a zig-zag pattern. One month up, one down. September was up to 13+M. If October is 10% higher then Dacogen is breaking out. If it is 15% lower, say below 11M then we will need at least two more quarters of sales data to determine the real winner. By that time the ADOPT data will be in and both drugs will have enough sales history to see which drug will be #1. Funny how everyone is now talking about MP470 as if this compound has already been approved. Looks good from what we are told so far but it will be several years before it will contribute revenue. As for S110, same story. We know PHRM is an aggresive company and they will be working on thier own version. Nothing stays still except the dead. Dr. M had better focus on a partnership and delegate the conferences to a knowlegable and articulate VP. Are any PHRM people out there who want to jump ship and join SUPG for the big stock option payday? Please send your resume and salary reguirements directly to Dr. Manuso at the Dublin CA headquarters.

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    • lltinvest,

      The reason we have our eye on pipeline, is that you cannot be a one trick pony. LONG TERM THE PIPELINE IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT, not anyone looking to trade this fast, but to anyone who's in it for the 10X-25X returns. At some point information will begin to flow from SUPG directly on progress of these compounds, the PR your always stating SUPG needs. You state PHRM is aggressively working on there answer to S110. They have a oral dosing of Vidaza in clinics, but if you do any research, you would find that they do NO Discovery themselves. They buy ph 2/3 drugs and they do a good job on picking the right ones and getting them approved.

    • thats not correct .The last month of the quarter always has higher sales because there are more selling days. This has been the pattern all along. The sales for July and August were 11 mil plus so for October to be on track we need the same or a little higher. It wont be 13 mill plus but if it is great. The status quo would be fine. You seem to think Dacogen needs to pull in 70 percent of the sales to be succesful. Believe me if they could hold onto only 35 percent SUPG stock would do very well long term as the markets expands and EU sales are added.