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  • batzem batzem Apr 15, 2008 10:32 AM Flag

    Its All About Dacogen

    Despite the musings of various posters no one gives a flying f about Mp 470 S110 or any of the other compunds at this point. There has been no volume for months and there wont be until after the EORTC data release. The people who can move the stock apparently are not willing to place a bet in advance of the data. except for a few funds changing positions nothing has happened here for months . Time to be patient and pray. Im not saying these compounds will never be worth anything , I hope they will but no big investors or PARTNERS are willing to take a position in tbe stock now. A move of a few cents up or down on anemic volume means nothing. We need Eortc data.

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    • Batzem,

      It's all about Dacogen, because SUPG needs a pipeline. We need it to be about Mp-470 and S110 and Pim1. Your point about partners is in my opinion the greatest tool for growth. If Dacogen EORTC data suggests approval in EU and SUPG can generate interest in it's pipeline, well then Dacogen growth will have the greatest affect on share price, because of lower burn. These compounds are the future and these presentations are crucial for the street to wake up to her.

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      • FREE

        I agree with you that for long tern growth and sustainability they need a pipeline and if EORTC fails to show any survivial benifit they'll really need one.

        BUT the point I was trying to make was the stock was 7 bucks and change without any credit for the pipeline and to get back there in a hurry we need decent EORTC results. Im selfish I want to see a quick pop instead of this dearh by a thousands cuts.

        Any stock appreciation if ever that can be attached to the pipeline is 18 months away minimum IMHO

        So for now its ALL ABOUT DACOGEN

    • hit the nail on the head.

      SUPG started diving when Vidaza came out with their PR on survival. Even though the sales of Vidaza vs Dacogen for several quarters since have not seen any indication that the Drs are impressed with Vidaza over Dacogen, the SUPG PPS still languishes. Good EROPT data hopefully will at least quell the PR advantage that Vidaza gained in the past. But as I said before don't expect the same jump for SUPG since PHRM had the big piece of the Vidaza pie and SUPG gets crumbs from Dacogen.

    • when is the expected release date for erotc data? i read somewhere that its sometime in q2?

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      • EORTC data will make no difference. Dacogen continues to gain ground. I expect this to continue.

        The shorts and large holders will continue to run this up and down at will. This is a small stock.

        Only hope is to get more large institutions interested to run the shorts out of business. Institutions are struggling with fund holders with drawing fast and furious once they see their 401K statuses.

        I am in CEGE and GNVC as well. These two stocks doing very well given poor market performance.