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  • batzem batzem Oct 30, 2008 5:21 PM Flag

    Dacogen Sales

    If anyone is interested Sept Dacogen sales $15.5 mil

    Dacogen 2nd qtr 08- $42.4 mil
    Dacogen 3rd qtr o8 -$41.9 mil

    Vidaza Sept sales $18.6 mil

    Vidaza 2nd qtr 08 #46.9 mil
    Vidaza 3rd qtr 08 $48.3 mil

    Vidaza and Dacogen combined 3rd qtr 07 sales were 65.4 mil
    So year over year category has grown nearly 40 % and Dacogen while no longer growing is NOT falling off the face of the earth. If it can maintain close to present levels Supergen will have ample funding to get to the partner stage for some of its compounds without further dilution.

    I would think there is not an oncologist who does not know of EORTC failure and yet Dacogen so far is maintaining its sales.

    I think this stock is woefully under valued and when market sentiment becomes favorable or a deal is announced we will quickly return to 3-4 dollar range.

    Interested in intelligent comment only but I know that wont stop some people,

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    • Volt

      Totally agree with everything you said, My point is if Dacogen sales do not get decimated we have the two most valuable commodities CASH and TIME. If Oct IMS data hold up I will start buy and average down my costs

      I have also read a few analyst reports indicating they are aggresively seeking partnerships. This may or not be true but with the lack of new NDAs being filed I believe they will get one. Last year the FDA only approved 17 new NDA's

      This stocks take the patience of a Saint but the low cash burn makes feel better. Hell we'll even have the reuslts of the AML trial in 2010 or early 2011 before we run out of money

    • With the current situation I don’t think Dacogen sales are going to move this stock any higher than the $1.80 to $1.90 range unless results from another trial increase the market for Dacogen or overcome part of the EORTC fiasco. I think positive developments with MP-470 or SGI 1776 have the potential to move this stock where you suggest or even much higher.

    • Thanks Batzem.

      It does look like Dacogen sales are staying just about steady with Vidaza getting the market expansion. I think it is still a little to early draw any conclusions. I think we need to see the sales figures for the next few months also.

      It appears that alphaomega8294 has given up posting the IMS sales data for the interim months when they are released. Too bad, I really appreciated seeing the current information every month. I assume he cut his losses and moved on to greener pastures. I hope he's doing well.

      I’m glad you’re still around. I appreciate your contributions to this board.

    • Your a good egg Batzem. I assume the Vidiza sales includes ex-US sales in addition to US and that ex-US sales growth is the majority of the 40% you mentioned.