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  • dukeblue28 dukeblue28 Feb 3, 2011 10:15 AM Flag

    The Facts

    1. SUPG is very lucky to continue to enjoy the royalty on dacogen, but it will take a huge hit in terms of US sales when Vidaza goes generic in 1 year. JNJ will not get dacogen approved in EU.

    2. Latest discovery collaboration only confirms that the CLIMB/Montigen discovry deal has been a failure and has resulted in only wasteful cash burn and not a single viable drug.

    3. The GSK deal has produced nothing, 2 years later, and is likely a dead collaboration (though they will not admit)

    The stock is approaching a 1 year high so with nothing very positive in the near term, you will see pull back to the 2.50 range.

    Has management gotten their big bonuses yet? Someone should ask what the metrics are for those bonuses. They havent made any clinical progress in 2 years (getting SGI-110 in the clinic after 4 years is not pogress), they continue to waste money on faied discovery efforts, and are just riding the coatails of dacogen. The dacogen days will not last forever.

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    • Sickohead, I think your stupid to support free will and hyperinflation. Everyone is entitled to be a fool once, just don't do it again.

    • I originally liked SUPG because of the CLIMB concept. Guess I was wrong on that! Several years back I contacted the PR Guy out there and even submitted a question to a conference call (They would not take it because I was not an analyst or institutional investor)At that point I new that the company was being run for the benefit of a chosen few (So what else is new) Always said that the CEO was running the operation like a private country club and not achieving the level of partnerships needed to bring in increased revenues. Time for new leadership!

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      • I originally liked SUPG because of the CLIMB concept. Guess I was wrong on that!

        Its your opinion, the jury out and given more time is nescessary. Many of us including myself are frustrated when we see other companies with poor balance sheets and running a negative yet having a preminum stock price in excess of $5 compared to supg w/ close to $2 in cash and lots of potential worth $2-$3. I wouldn't blame the concept, I would blame the institutions that manipulate the price. One should also put some blame on oneself since history repeats itself and if your not making money on this stock, how do you make money on the other stocks.

      • lltinvest,

        Whats new, you can make this claim about any company. Greed is good and investors like you, royrae and I make money off of greedy corporate leaders like Dr. Manuso.

    • "Hey dbrew supg might catch up to zlcs and hopefully both stocks can be prosperous"

      Me too, brother, me too!

    • When I posted the quote, I didn't point fingers at anyone. However, you constantly try to belittle anyone who doesn't agree with you. In addition, when anyone who disagrees with you, they instantly get accused of being Freetoquestion. I am not Free. Please stop accusing me of this!

      I agree that the stock market is doing well right now, but is it a measure of the economy's health or is it largely fed by inflation or anticipated inflation? Maybe we are sitting on another bubble and another correction is looming. The economy is still lagging, especially the unemployment rate and the housing market. I truly hope that I (and everyone else), can make a few bucks while the going is good and not get caught if/when things turn.

    • thinkabout Feb 4, 2011 10:29 AM Flag

      In his own words!!! From the company web site.

      SuperGen is committed to alleviating human suffering through the development of novel cancer therapies. CLIMB®, SuperGen's proprietary discovery engine, promises to change the current paradigm of drug discovery, by reducing the time and cost required to move from target validation to lead identification and IND-enabling studies. Using CLIMB®, SuperGen intends to discover and advance into clinical trials at least one product about every twelve months. We focus on drug targets that are difficult to screen by traditional methods. Our goal is to capitalize on our existing clinical expertise and regulatory development to maximize the commercial value of our products. SuperGen boasts a development pipeline of a number of anticancer products, including kinase and cell signaling inhibitors and DNA methyltransferase inhibitors, at various stages of development with good drug like properties, ensuring a steady flow of novel therapeutics into the clinic.

    • Facts???

      1. This is no FACT... only your OPINION. Amuvatinib does not appear to be a failure (at least not yet). It's still early, but SGI 110 does not appear to be a failure yet either.

      2. If you are referring to the Proteros collaboration, it confirms nothing. Compounds taken from CLIMB are put through the Proteros process. I believe this deal was struck so that GSK could get a better idea for the compounds that they would license. We might just be close to a milestone payment from GSK.

      3. I suggest you take a look at the 10K and verify your "facts" before posting them. "In October 2009, we entered into a multi-year collaboration with GSK to discover and develop cancer therapeutics based on epigenetic targets." October of 2009 to February of 2011 is barely 16 months, not 2 years.

      Get your "facts" straight.

    • The Facts

      1. Every since free willy had made the statement of hyperinflation coming to America, the dow was at 9875. He thought the stock market was down and we should all get out.

      2. I had disagreed and most of my money was put into funds that mimic the banking sector, the s&p, the russell 2000, and many individual stocks.

      3. The Dow is currently above 12,000 and free willy is here under another alias name.

      4. Supg is following the stock market.

    • thinkabout Feb 3, 2011 11:15 AM Flag

      Very well put dukeblue! I agree with everything that you say; this management has won the lottery and taking stockholder money out of the till shamelessly.
      The Climb purchase appears to me to be a boondoggle as well, since you can get the same or better results through a linear regression program off of the shelf.
      However, though you a right about the painful lack of progress in moving to a marketable product, we do have one now. It seems to me that the SGI-110 now in trials will prove to give SuperGen life/income to replace the current income which will end one way or another! Even with the ineptness that you so well identified, the SGI-110, I believe will make it to market and save our bacon.
      If you are an investor here (not a trader), you have not been well served over the years, by these self-serving managers.

    • The stock is approaching a 1 year high so with nothing very positive in the near term, you will see pull back to the 2.50 range

      What happen did you sell too soon and can't stand watching supg go higher. Did I give you a head fake when I was pounding the table at $2.60 ?

    • 2.50, in your dreams, this stock will head fake today, and close at 3.21 or better. To much accumulation going on to drop as your prediction. Suggest you find another stock to bash, this one will be at $5 by May.