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  • kyjellie kyjellie Oct 14, 2011 8:10 PM Flag

    Hatesupg, free wiily, and now debbiedios SAME PERSON


    "hate fessed up to his charade before anyone ever busted him on that.

    It's bad enough that he has to rewrite history... don't you start doing it too."

    You guys are trying too hard to seperate yourselves. This is way to obvious. Actually rory did discover it, after I sold my putts, hate was no longer useful. I posted under another board that free posted on and rory actual found it. But you aleady knew that, but i'll play along. Love watching you guys work so hard to make it look like you're not rory. Boring posting back and forth isn't it. This is why hate and free never ever posted together. To obvious. I recall how excited rory was when hate showed up. Did he not kiss my feet or was it that he washed them with his hair. I love that thing you and rory do, he insults deb post and then 15 minutes later you ask him to calm down. That's very convicing to the gerbal guy. But the rest of us, have a higher IQ and a full head of hair.

    I was wrong on discussing the state of the union. what I should have done is pretend I was a liberal and rory would have had all 12 identies attack me as a conservative. Keep writing each other it's amusing and at the same time very eye opening. How fast you all lost crediablity. Hey hows silver doing. Buy your TP, that's what I forgot to get at Sam's yesterday.

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    • I recall how excited rory was when hate showed up.

      Hey bozo(kyjellie,hatesupg,freetoquestion)I called you the messiah too remember. But I knew this before you that why you were called the messiah. You anwsered my question correctly and had the answer which I knew already, STUPID. I never knew you could actually get something right.