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  • maximus06906 maximus06906 Oct 17, 2011 9:48 AM Flag

    Nice Call on ANDS Rory

    Sorry to hear you took the profits at $1.02.

    Company was bought for $3.70 a share this morning...

    Now if we can only get someone to buy this POS!!!


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    • That makes no sense jelly and contradicts many of your posts. You owned this stock since the $50's. You never went away. But should in shame. The only idiot is you trying to weasel away from your posts. But most longs know what you posted.

    • Rory also stated that you didn't own a stock, should I take him on his word? When will you and rory and his 10 other aliases take me up on my challenge? Simple challenge. So easy to show up. I can tell you why....because I'm 100% correct.

    • "How would you know if Rory made money? You stated that you owned bnvi, jsda, and siga and lost 75%."

      Rory said he made some money. I'll take him at his word.

      I've traded all the stocks you mentioned in your post. Sometimes at a profit, sometimes at a loss. Overall I'm right more than I'm wrong. That's how you keep score in this game. (I don't know what you're talking about regarding the "lost 75%." I've lost 100% in past investments, but I don't remember a 75% loss. If I mentioned 75%, you will have to show it to me. I would guess you probably took what I said, "out of context.")

    • You really are an idiot...

      I have owned the company since 1998. I participated on this message board in 2003 and went away because it was a useless piece of junk (kind of like now). I revisited the baord after you and rory started your little fight.

    • silver,

      How would you know if rory made money. You stated that you owned bionovo,jones soda and siga and lost 75%. I love how you liberals look at losing a 2.60 a share profit as somehow showing a gain. Why would you defend rory? Just really strange, unless, i'm correct and since you're an aliases of rory's, then you also sold before the buyout. That makes more sense. This just gets more bizzar by the minute. So many aliases all defending rory at all cost, no matter how embarrassing.


      Then take my challenge. Thought you would weasel out of it. The sad part rory, your 12 identies all lost money.

    • gave you a opportunity to prove that you don't have 12 identities

      Don't have to listen to your needs or stupidity in playing games. Look we ALL YOU HAVE MULIPLY INDENTIES, I DON'T ANY EXCEPT ONE. STOP YOUR CRYING BIG BABY

    • What you talking about willard?

      I gave you a opportunity to prove that you don't have 12 identities. You no reply back. Must be that reading comprehension problem. Someone finally takes your advice and you want to mock them. Sad world where no one trust each other.

    • Rory got it right. His post to me on 10/11/2011 was correct. (Rory-OT "Nope, but it's heading higher so keep what you got.)

    • I'm not going to say anything.

      I was buyer of ANDS last week, after rory was stating he had sold all his shares. Who knew. This will more than pay for my Vegas trip.

      Now if we could just get rory to sell his ASTX shares, we all could witness the growth here. How can one guy always get it so wrong?