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  • kyjellie kyjellie Oct 17, 2011 7:41 PM Flag


    When you were driving around ohio, did you see any Lowes going out of business?

    Love how rory, thought posting under jelly stating he saw road construction, that somehow represented a growing economy. It only signified the ending of fiat money, as soon all of rory's aliases will learn first hand. Keep up posting under 12 identities rory. I wonder if rory actually lives in OHIO, this would explain how he has the same IQ as the offspring of two cousins. That would also explain the lack of through research of most topics he posts about. Would also explain the shaved head and the huge losses in the stock market.

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    • <<did you see any Lowes going out of business?>>

      No dummy. I was there over two months ago. Your article is dated today.

      BTW, they aren't going out of business, they are closing locations. They are probably cannibalizing their own stores and closing the ones that are less profitable. You see it all the time in that business.

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      • Not in Lowes do you see it everyday. In fact this the first such notice, but it's all coming after you posted that construction was a representation of a improving ecomony. When questioned about it, you couldn't come up with a single intelligent response. Just like rory.. The similarities are endless.

        Well I've exposed you for the shallow human piece of dung that is rory,aka jelly. 10 years...and the ridiculous posts over the years by one loser. You should be ashamed, but that would require some form of intelligence.