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  • kyjellie kyjellie Oct 20, 2011 12:54 PM Flag

    Day 6

    I ask 6 days ago for the 12 aliases of roryrae to a simple challenge. They should welcome such an easy way to distinguish themselves, but instead we have excuses. I just wonder if rory is playing with a full deck. My guess he's forty aliases short of a full deck.

    Only a coward would share multiple messages with attacks. There only excuse, for this behavior, is that I had two identities. I had a short position on supg and use that identity to represent my thoughts. I alerted the board prior to my position, I tried to warn everyone, but as simple as this board is, they just didn't comprehend it. I should now clarify that, since 90% of the board is one joker, the liberal didn't get it.

    I also stated that hate and free never ever teamed up or posted together. I cannot hold your hand on this investment, I research and provide what I discover.

    It looks like poor old rory needs to blame someone for his investment blunders. Well he stuck posting to himself. Pathetic as it is. Now will the 12 identities answer my challenge. They can't because they know good and well that they cannot post 12 answers a few seconds apart. They are the same dummy that has owned supg from the $50's. Now you know the rest of the story.

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    • Can I please ask that you and the rest of the group PLEASE stop with all this non-sense. It is really getting old. Knowone on this board really cares. What started as a fight between you and Rory has escalated to include other people. At one point you left the board. At that point, we only had Rory to deal with. Now your back and this board has gone to S@!#.

      Please stop for the sake of the rest of us that are just trying to trade ideas and comments on ASTX and make some money.


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      • You must be giving yourself 5 stars for the brilliant post. I was really amused by your spelling "knowone", specially with jelly,batzum,silver and rory making fun of typos.

        They are so a.n.a.l. on spelling errors and quick to condemn. Well we learned a lot about a liberal from this board. First they can spell, maybe that's what is taught in those liberal arts classes. Secone we know that they cannot invest. This board at one time look at jelly's situation of holding shares in his RA, from the $50's. "knowone" made fun of him, we just thought he got greedy. But now that we understand the whole story, it was rory who has held these shares. That just saddens me to no end.

        Well tomorrow is a new day and since it's obvious that the dirty dozen doesn't like my identities, but needs all 12 of theirs, I have a nice new one coming. I figure a nice 24 of them will be appropiate. Sine I'm twice as smart as rory. Love when you guys google the first thing you read and post it, that makes my job so easy. This is just not fair one against 12, but I like my odds.

    • <<Only a coward would share multiple messages with attacks.>>

      Is that why you dreamed up this brand new alias kyjellie/hatesupgn/freetoquestionu?

      The fact is that the spotlight was on you due to the lie you told about me. Te get out from under the glare, you dreamed up this thing about rory having two aliases.

      How convenient that must have been for you since you were not able to prove that I ever called you a rascist. Suddenly you could lump roryrae, batzem, and myself all under the same person and claim that I called you a rascist because it was batzem.

      How convenient... and childish.

      You are still a liar. I don't care how many names you come up with.

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      • Jelly,

        What is so terrifying for the 12 of you to answer one simple question, all at the same time? What could be easier, you have no problem using all 12 identities to attack me. Am I to understand, all 12 of you have so similar texting styles, use all the same words and use the same attacking words. How screwed up are you, to invent 12 identities.
 has left the building long ago. For 8-10 years you have posted to yourself on these boards, using numerous identities. "Lump" you guys together is your point, I feel the better word is that you're all in bed together. Like gerbils.

        Childish is looking for every possible measure to weasel out of providing a simple test to show that you're all different identities. Well the ball is in your court, you can keep passing it all you want. Just because you found a way to erase your stupid post, doesn't mean I'm a liar.

    • "There only excuse for this behavior."

      Where did you go to school? Don't you know the difference between "there" and "their?" You make no sense, and you have no common sense.