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  • Astx has been in motley fools and other articles as being a very low risk high reward company but the stock seems to go nowhere as the dow goes to its 52 week high stance. Also let me point out once again that the sky is definitely not falling as some other free-k show members have once stated. I'm also glad we don't have to put up the political nonsense and beliterate peron anymore. This board is becoming ASTX BOARD....YAY

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    • Apparently you must be getting bored posting messages from your 12 identities. It's amazing how all 12 identities all get the same view at the same time. But you keep posting to yourself. It does look like there are actually a few to listen to your nonsense. I gave you a chance to clear this up, but no way can all 12 identities meet a simple test. So apparently it's important to you to keep this up. Since I now understand the whole picture, there is no need for me to play this game with you.

      I exposed you and if you would like I can begin everyday exposing you. You make the call. However, it's just fun watching you trying to get a converstaion going. I get more satisfaction watching you make a A.S.S out of yourself.

      As for the economy, just watch and learn wee cra..phopper. You ain't seen nothing yet. But I'm confident you will be soiling yourself very very soon. Have a good life, wish you the best, because your going to need all the luck you can get.

      YAY...whatever that just got to easy embarrassing you. What is a beliterate?

      Hell if I knew you were all those identities, hell if I would have shared the silver play with this board. From looking at your investing views, damg did you need a winner. I have never ever witnessed a investor, who got it wrong so many times. Hopefully this stock pulls you out of some of those losses. Well I'm sure you need to post under another identity to help you out of the mess you made of your life.

      BUY investment advice you'll ever have.