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  • ikabro ikabro Dec 9, 2011 3:42 PM Flag

    1.70$! some bullish englofing :)

    This is a very good signal!


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    • Icki

      yesterday the dow is down 200 and the stock is down 9 cents. today its up 200 and its up 6 cnts this isnt exactly a breakout

      as for the love note from kyj he is an outpatient who occassionaly gets access to a computer he also posts under freetoquote and hatesupg. Since we discovered his 3 identities he has paranoically accused everyone on the board of being the same person..He is a ego maniacal liar who over a year ago told everyone to head for their bunkers as the woeld was ending He will shorty tell you about his great calls but conveniently leave out his mistakes. No one wants anything to do with him and thats why he befriended you.

      The only development he knows of is his own arrested development.

      Welcome to looney tunes

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      • he is an outpatient who occassionaly gets access to a computer he also posts under freetoquote and hatesupg

        Hahaha, so true so true.

      • Batzem,

        What mistakes? Silver almost tripled , SLW went from $21 to above $45. Think those were great calls and your losers are all documented. Do I need to remind you of all the greater than 75% loses. Your words not mine.

        The thing we know clearly understand about liberals. They are racists and since they hold these views, they believe everyone does. Sad for those demons to be revolving around in that small head of yours. Thank you for pointing out so clearly how pathetic a voice you have. BTW as for the end of the world, fiat money is coming to an end. They can kick the can down the road some more, but one day you will be clinging to that last square of TP and as you use it, you will be thinking about the warning I gave you. I love how rory, batzem,jelly,silver and mero all show up at the same time. Hope you all not fighting over that last square in the end...figure rory will fight dirty.

        Love how you embarrassed yourself with those racist remarks. Shows how low an IQ you have. Maybe I will visit those finer moments, so newbies can have an idea of the thoughts behind the identity. Your so ignorant, you don't have any idea of how stupid you are. Next alias, step up.

    • Calm down and just enjoy the nice move. Anyone can hype a stock and we've seen them come and go. If we get a few more newbies, maybe I will post some interesting developments.

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      • Don't tell me what to do... you calm down!

        Today was a great day and i am going to enjoy this :)

        I loaded 10's of thousands of shares at lower price and it's matter of time till we go back to 3$.

        Unbelievable the low market cap of this company!

        Probably all just one big manipulation.

        However like i said... enough is enough.

        Show me another company being punched in the last few months like this company and for what?

        60M$ annual revenues and 85M$ net tangible assets... trading at 150M$. UNBELIEVABLE!

        Not to mention all these amazing collaborations with top line pharmas.

        GSK J&J ASTRAZENCA NOVARTIS... i mean what more has to happen for this to skyrocket back to 3-5$?

        1.70$... What a joke!

        Anyhow, next week we're going higher.