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  • Nice jump. Maybe the good old days are returning.

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    • Jelly,

      I'm just here to pass time, until ASTX breaks out or the collaspe of the dollar. Which ever comes first. I give my stock and metal picks well in advance and I let you know when I'm selling. Pretty straight forward. You may not like what I state and I welcome any logical discussions,.

      It's equally funny how you pretend, you have no involvement in the distractions on this board. Look how many times your story has changed in two nights. I don't care if you buy silver dumb dumb, I just want you to remember, who told you to load up on it. When you're alone with out a square to spare, you'll remember how many times I warned you to buy TP.

      As for crediability, look we have to nuts talking about gerbals. Today you state astx may hit $20, several years ago I stated supg was headed to $8.00. We got to $7.75. I'm just good at what I do. You just need to clean out dem ears. I love how you pretend that you have no involvement in the demise of this board. No not jelly. Just keep passing dem bills no one's read and this country is just going to be fine. We'll see who laughs last. I love how fickle batzem gets when he finds one winner...boy would he have had a gerbal moment, if he would have bought some silver. A $30+ move compared to the $1.50 move. But somehow logic seems to be void in any of rory imaginary friends. Have a good day and hope you find dem roads safe.

    • hate

      Im making some serious cash today and feeling very forgiving and therefore will reiterate my purchase recommendation on arql which i gave you jan 6 at 5.63 today 7.42 and going much higher. I told you Kva almost doubled before it crashed and i walked away with 80% profit. Similar to tht crappy biotech you recommended that went bankrupt.

      if this good news continues I will send my donation to eric cantor as promised and tell the gerbil treats are on the way.

    • Volume has been picking up in the last week. Good sign. Maybe someone is going to make them an offer.