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  • roryrae roryrae Feb 22, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

    why is hatesupg posting so much

    Because he can't handle being wrong ? After my one posted message toward this character and proving his stupidity in telling everyone "THE SKY IS FALLING" in September 2010, he goes bonkers. So he tells everyone holding stock certificates that it will turn into toilet paper, in otherword worthless paper. 4000 points later he finds out how dumb he was to make a such a stupid statement, the dynamite has just been lit.
    Then he tells Jelly he's going to be the godsend by giving him a freebie, when to sell the stock. Now after losing a dollar, he still didn't pull the trigger or tell jelly to sell. BOZO, Explosion 2, get the picture on why he's posting so many messages.

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    • rory,

      We have been overv this. But I will try one more time. I bought originally shares in the low low $3's. The stock went to 7.75. We all were waiting for earnings. PHRN annouced there's, I listen to their presentation. There was specific question in their Q&A about the survival data. The just of it was that news would be out in two weeks. I followed their boards and posted about the trial. The info I got back, I posted on supg board. I got a fart from this board about that trial. I posted in another board besides yahoo. Those messages are still there. I used to have that boards info, but that computer died.

      It was suggested to buy Putts to protect your profits or sell. I bought Putts, if survival news wasn't strong, I lost some on my Putts, but hoped Supg share price would rise. I wish i had just sold. But who knew, we know you added nothing to the discussions.

      I held my original shares. I figured my profits were locked and who knew if Dacogen would also have strong survival data. I own many more shares today, then I did back then. I bought when it hit near cash value. I will continue to buy more if it gets near those levels again. I will sell everything, if I read one alarming thought on sgi-110. I posted recently the dacogen data and I want to know in advance what I need to remember about dacogen, so i can compare it to sgi-110. Hopefully astx will also have the insights to compare in presentations and point out the benefits. I want to be ready to compare what we already understand about dacogen approval stats. Maybe I'm getting excited early, but newbies maybe not aware of how toxic dacogen and vidaza are to the body. This old info is just a early enlightenment. You have to know what we need to improve on. Where the mistakes happen in the past with this compounds and supg made many. They were from the old school that stronger, max tolerate is the best. We learned that lower amounts over a longer duration is what really benefits patients. I want a 20X bagger here. Maybe it's there and maybe not. That's for us to investigate.

    • Can't anwser the question cause I'm right but yet you use to be freetoquestion ? pathetic.

      whiteman, speak with fork tongue, never losing always winning.

    • Am I a white man?

      Maybe in your mind this question makes sense, butb the way you're wording it, doesn't imply apparently what you think I would grasp from it. If you want to know if I'm caucasin, the answer is yes. If it has another meaning, then you have to rephrase it.

      If you buy calls and short the stock, doesn't your calls become worth less if the stock falls? If the stock rises and your short, then your calls go up, but your short position is worth less. Maybe some of your reading comprehension problems are contagious? What I suggest you be through in explaining. I buy calls on a stock I believe is going higher, I would not short that position. But that's just me. I'm not from dem place where they building dem roads. Can someone else see where rory's going with this, that I'm not understanding.

    • "Like I said white man with fork tongue, then either way u win, huh ? wow nice guy"

      No rory, my personal responsibility to my family is to invest and protect. I was up 2.5X on supg. I was bullish on Dr. M words, but as you know, I did my DD. I listen to that PHRN webcast, they had a Q&A session, and I heard something that I knew could change things. I posted several messages about this development coming. I believe only jelly and Deb posted. This is what really gets me, many invest in a stock, but really don't understand the pitfalls to watch for. I thought these boards were for growing discussions, but maybe serious investors stay away from Yahoo, I can understand.

      Nice call on the $8 to $2. If you had shorted the stock, you would have made money. But the respect that you crave here, will never be there. You had not one single coherent thought on why. Just a lucky guess. If you had mention one single good reason, besides the birdie told me, maybe we wouldn't be arguing.

      Well you keeping holding me responsible. I was right to buy in the $3's and watch it run to $7.75. I'm a little bit wiser on the antics of Dr. M. I have e-mailed him several times on his misleading statements. I believe I'm the reason he no longers states that famous line he always stated, that "SUPG was an overnight success, that only took 16 years". Or something like that. All I know he never used it again after I wrote him what I did appreciate about it. Maybe he just got sick of repeating it. I'm sure you and your aliases batzem will be replying to that statement. I always chuckle when i post something I know you will get a rise about. Life short rory, stock up on TP. 2012 is going to be one you remember the rest of your life.

    • Why would they buy calls and short the stock?

      There selling there calls at certain points.

      Are you a white man ? come the question. I gotta here this one .

    • "look at what these guys do MLV and co. Who broke the news, analylst from this company. And betcha who bought many of those calls and then shorted the stock, they did ?"

      Why would they buy calls and short the stock? The calls become worthless? I'm trying to understand? Seriouly explain how it works.

      The markets are rigged. I posted several posts about hypothetication. I've been warning you for over a year about the collaspe of america. If you took the time to understand MF Global and why no party of the large banks has been prosecuted?

      The fiat money system leads to corruption and they will do anything to keep the public from understanding how bad off we are as a nation. Wake upppppp. They rewrite contract law, they ignore it at will, look at Chrylser, they allowed bond holders to lose(which has never ever happen before) and turned around and awarded the unions. It's all crooked rory. That's why I asked Democrats to open their eyes. You're going to lose everything here. Not if, but when? $16T is only a fraction of the real debt. Fiat money implodes! But you'll only understand it, when it hits you hard and it's too late.

    • What's up with this whiteman?

      Simple question ? Anwser the question....
      Can't answer it huh ?
      Too hard huh ?
      Mindbogoogliing ?

      Did I post to watch out for the vidaza data?

      Like I said white man with fork tongue, then either way u win, huh ? wow nice guy

    • What's up with this whiteman?

      Did I post to watch out for the vidaza data? This in an investment and it's a good one until you find out something that could change things. I alerted this board to that red flag. I'm sorry you could not comprehend it. That is not my fault.

      You post so many contradictions on investing here, rory. If the stock tanks, you post you sold before it, if it runs and you posted you were selling, all of sudden you were long instead. Make up your mind. Look at jelly he was so proud for years that he held shares from the $50's.

      We will never see eye to eye, I'm probably 6 inches taller than you. Everything that you want to dump on me, you have so many more times been dishonest with this board. I remember some of the first posts I read of yours, you were in a argument(so what's new), with Frank. You had stated to the board that you had sold 80,000 shares of supg, then you retracked that statement and were holding those shares.

      Your just a strange little dude. You crave attention and you need to be the alfa dog of this board. You lack any comprehension of having a logical discussion, you take items out of context and you get extremely sensitive to when someone pays you back with the stuff you shovel. I'll be more carefull in the future on my share price predictions. I guess that's the whiteman in me. Speak with fork tongue, kemossobee. But please get some help.

    • You posted several times SUPG was headed towards $10

      Hhahaha, see what I mean white man with fork tongue...hahaha

      are you a white man ?

    • "You posted several times SUPG was headed towards $10.

      Hell no. this stock for now will not hit $5. Simple as that..."

      That reading problem of yours rory. Please get it fixed. Deb, posted a message of yours years ago, where you stated that supg would hit $10. Maybe you're right that we never see $5, but if sgi-110 is a real deal, you're absolutely wrong. You don't know anything more than anyone else. Why would you stay around here for 8 years, daily posting if you have yee-little faith?

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