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  • kyjellie kyjellie Feb 23, 2012 3:15 PM Flag

    why is hatesupg posting so much

    What's up with this whiteman?

    Did I post to watch out for the vidaza data? This in an investment and it's a good one until you find out something that could change things. I alerted this board to that red flag. I'm sorry you could not comprehend it. That is not my fault.

    You post so many contradictions on investing here, rory. If the stock tanks, you post you sold before it, if it runs and you posted you were selling, all of sudden you were long instead. Make up your mind. Look at jelly he was so proud for years that he held shares from the $50's.

    We will never see eye to eye, I'm probably 6 inches taller than you. Everything that you want to dump on me, you have so many more times been dishonest with this board. I remember some of the first posts I read of yours, you were in a argument(so what's new), with Frank. You had stated to the board that you had sold 80,000 shares of supg, then you retracked that statement and were holding those shares.

    Your just a strange little dude. You crave attention and you need to be the alfa dog of this board. You lack any comprehension of having a logical discussion, you take items out of context and you get extremely sensitive to when someone pays you back with the stuff you shovel. I'll be more carefull in the future on my share price predictions. I guess that's the whiteman in me. Speak with fork tongue, kemossobee. But please get some help.