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  • maximus06906 maximus06906 Mar 21, 2012 3:38 PM Flag

    Hey Jelly

    You sell out of this or are you waiting till there is something interesting to talk about?


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    • Hey Max,

      I've been extremely b usy and haven't had much time for following the message boards. I sold my trading position at 2 before the FDA rejection of Dacogen, but I am still holding my core IRA positions.

      I still believe in SGI 110 and the partnerships we acquired when we bought Astex.

      I am also waiting for some news... I can't spend as much time on the message boards as I would like but I need to stay informed.

      Coincidentally, I saw an article on Seeking Alpha regarding CYCC and its Phase 3 drug Sapacitibine (hope I spelled it right). I don't know if that article has been discussed here as I just looked at the board for the first time and looked at the post that had my name in it... lol

      Hope all is going well with everyone here... even youknowho.

    • Driving dem roads of Ohio. I believe he's looking for the first business to open up on dem roads dem building. You know those stubborn liberals, they get an idea, they only see it there way. Raise dem taxes and grow dem governments. It been working in dem PIIGS countries, until you run out of dem Euro's. MSM headlines state we be adding dem jobs, but the collection of tax dollars actually going down. How can dem be, they been building dem roads in HEHAWii.

      Don't worry, rory will announce that he won't post till jelly dem return and presto jelly will be back. Rory only has to figure out how to make jelly seem intelligent again. Difficult task for the only investor to hold dem Supg shares from the $50's.

      Anyone else notice the past 3 months, over 350 bankers have decided to retire. Now do bankers retire, in good times or do they exit when they know things are getting ugly. Maybe some of dem bankers decided to drive dem roads of Ohio and see for dem selves.

      Fiat dollars end only one way and maybe jelly decided instead of posting, he put his time to better use, buying dem TP.

    • Jelly has not posted for sometime. Maybe he is gone.