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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 25, 2012 10:31 AM Flag


    Interesting that this stock tumbled so fast out of the blocks. They lost about $9B in valuation. Do you know what that's equivalent to? That actually equals the total sales of all the American silver eagles from 1986 to today. So it took less than one week to lose $9B in valuation in Facebook and it took 26 years to sell $9B in silver eagles. Buy TP. The euphoria of more quantative easing that will be coming will drive stock prices up, but so will it drive inflation. Well unless you live in HEHAWaii junction where they building dem roads.

    When will rory "fly down" from Hawaii with my check? I really didn't know how close I was on that imbred comment. Who knew?

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    • So it took less than one week to lose $9B in valuation

      Hey dum dum, yahoo offered the boy genius 10 million back in 2004, then msft offered them 1 billion, and the ipo made them 104 billion. No wonder you keep on changing your name if your that stupid.

    • And it's still only a 10 stock so what does that equate to in years to sell the eagles?

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      • If it's a $10 stock, it would take a 100 years of selling US Silver eagles to equal the losses in this Facebook. BTW they took another $3 hit yesterday. I see that rory continues to have that reading comprehension problem. When will he learn the word is you're not your. Well that actually is done on purpose by rory, this way he looks like a bad compared to the good speller and bad economist jelly.

        It's amazing me how rory can miss the point. Almost like he constantly has his head up someones rup. Well most notiably his own.