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  • Why would 12 id's be freightened on a little test. You all posted within a few minutes of each other, so now just all do it within a few nano seconds of each other. It's commical how you all show up at the same time and all echo the same message.

    I think I'm pretty sane, silver. I figured out a fool proof way to demonstrate that rory,silver,mero,jelly,batzem,think,lttinvest are the same thug. Well you keep avoiding the test, I know you can't take it and pass. That's why it's brilliant.

    If you're going to try to argue, at least make it plausable. One time I actually like to see you make sense, not the sense that rattles around in rory's head. But something meaningful. Arguing 1988 to today as being logical, well that just shows how freakin dumb you are. But apparently you throw out all logic to make a point. No matter how retarded it is.