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  • kyjellie kyjellie May 30, 2012 9:43 PM Flag

    Trouble with dem liberals

    I now understand why liberals do not get it. They look at a single piece of info and think they have an answer. They don't have a clue to the situation, they can blame GW or tax the rich as an excuse. I guess when you depend on CNN for your news, this is what we get from the liberal. A awkward attempt at best. This is from the gang of 12, who as I have pointed out are all the same dummy.

    Well today Spain 10 year rate went to 6.73%. Italy had a failed action and they are moving fast towards 6%. The estimates now to bail out Spains banks, a whopping 350B Euros, with a fund that only has 5B euro's. The Danish are in trouble also. We are going to see some fire works and the new word is Contagion. It will spread to our shores and I just hope you followed some of my advice. I can no longer help you. I gave you all sound advice on metals. I suggest you stay far away from paper metals.

    The final news coming out of EU, the banking industry is levered some 36-1. The EU economy is 3.5 time the US economy. There is no one big enough to save what is about to implode. Buckle up.

    Hopefully, jelly/aka rory spent the day buying TP.

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    • You are a very strange person.

      Blaming it all on the Dems is a comedy. I was a Rep and still lean that way but look at myself as more of an anarchist. The whole system has broken down both politically and finanically. Really feel bad for my kids and their kids. What a mess we have made. Case in point, see attachment. Look at these clowns who run for office in this country:


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      • Max,

        There is plenty of blame to go around. I like very few republicans. What I do not like is that there are no Democrats asking questions about their party. The Republicans have to answer to the tea party, but why are there no one questioning the spending from their party.

        We owe 16T and that doesn't include all the unfunded liabilities. If I sit by and do not warn anyone, then i'm guilty. I don't care if anyone does agree with me. They didn't agree when I warned people about the Tech bubble, they couldn't understand when I warned friends about the housing bubble. The only time I expect to get respect is after what I warned you of materializes. I cannot take you by the hand and make you buy TP< water, food and metals. That is your responsibility to decide what's best for you.

        Se we survived many near collaspes, that makes many think we will avoid it again. But ask yourself this one simple question, who's big enough to bail us out. As I find things, I will present them. We have nothing to talk about with astx, so you can ignore. I don't care. Maybe one single person will take steps to ptotect themselves. I hope so.

        The best thing that could happen to this nation is a organized collaspe. Sound strange, but it's not. We will hurt for 6 months, than instead of globalization and out sourcing all our manufacturing, as a country we will have to produce again. That will mean jobs and growth, something we cannot create anymore.

        This will only happen if some good guys are still around. I'm afraid that the current group would seize

        The return to sound money is our only hope. It prevents us from the fiancial markets pulling all the crap they do. Daily we hear about billions and soon trillions of losses. Always a rogue trader, but we never see anyone pay for these crimes. MF Global, lost 1.7B of investors money. We have all these federal laws and they prevent nothing. This is because their is no one guarding the henhouse. Many on this board elected this guy and they ignore that nothing has changed. The things that peeved you about Bush, get a free ride now, because it's your guy. Better wake up...I've given you sound things to invest in.

      • "Look at these clowns who run for office in this country."

        You mean the professional parasites with their special pensions? The ones who love to "party" on our money, but never really do any meaningful work. Those guys?

    • A lot of errors in your the sky is falling message. Need to get your facts straight.

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      • I'm waiting for a single logical point. As always, slow on merit and bold on claims. This best you got? You Liberals ain't to bright. Days go by and you cannot come up with a single point to discredit any of this. Keep watching CNN, 29,00 others are also.

        I get it, since you can't wrap your arms around this, it can't be right. I understand you went to school for spelling and once you conguered it, you were finished with the rest. Produce and support one single error. Show us how bright one of rory's aliase can be. I guess this is why you need 12 voices, because you have nothing concrete to offer.