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  • thinkabout Jun 1, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    the dimwit has nothing to talk about

    I have to agree with you! Business men are today’s holy men in the eyes of free.
    I have to tell you Manuso is a business man. Ha, Ha.
    Like you say roryrae, stick to the topic!

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    • That was funny think. Free's an idiot, yak yak yak about trivia stuff. You have people on one side saying where overdue for a major depression and on the other business as normal. I can only remember chicken little when the market was at 9985 yelling his head off and what happen then ? The market went to 13k. But does this chicken take his stupidity and shut up. No, he goes at it again. But now wee have to deal with the 3 stooges free, hate, and ky.

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      • Rory,

        Why are you so scared of a simple test? You spent hours posting under numerous ids. What it looks like toddlers and tiaras. As a toddler you post misinformation under 7-12 ids and my reference to tiaras, is that you seek to put a tiara on your head to claim something that you cannot achieve.

        As for my prediction, I posted to secure gold and silver. Which y7ou always seem to forget that silver almost tripled. I may not of understood QE entering the picture, but that doesn't matter. They will continue down this road, until everything blows up. I love how you cannot support a single point, road building, flying down, betting 200K, how our economy could survive with 10% interest rates. Your just one moron who bought Supg in the $50's and held to 1.25. Why are you terrified of a simple test? Look if you take my simple test with the 12 sybils and pass, I buy you a tiara.

        It's nice to see, at will I can predict everything you will say and do. It has never been a challenge debating you and the toddlers. I took jelly to school again and he had to vanish again. He/you cannot support a single liberal thought. Your short on substance. You draw conclusions from a single strand and and as always run a hide. You crave to be right just once, but the facts never fall your way. Why is that, sinple, you have your sights set too high, getting the tiara.

        I just wish you had 10 more points of IQ. You get back to candyland with other tots. I have new info to post and your just a waste of time. Now go talk to yourself.