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  • hatesupg hatesupg Jun 7, 2012 4:53 PM Flag

    A day in rory's head

    Rory: We need a meeting and a plan. Free has us cornered on this test.

    Silver: I have an idea. Rory you call his fat and bald, I'll support you.

    Rory: Okay. We need someone to replace batzem in the supporting role. He's on to us.

    Jelly: How about I discuss my liberal views. I never reply back and needed show any actual meterial.

    Rory: No, you make us look foolish. It's your fault we're in this mess.

    Jelly: What do you mean, my fault?

    Rory: It was your idea to buy supg in the $50's and hold. Then you got caught on a lie, you stated you owned shares, then you didn't own any, then you think they would believe we only own 200 shares. No one post for 10 years with only 200 shares.

    Jelly: Maybe I should be quite. But I was thinking batzem could post right after me and agree on everything I post. Just like the good old days.

    Rory: Hey where is batzem?

    Mero: He's in the corner with his gerbal.

    Rory: Tell him to put his pants on and get over here. I need him to get me a soda.

    Rory: How can we win this battle of wits. He's kicking our butts. We cannot support our liberal views, we barely finished the 10th grade. I got an idea. I'll agree to take the test.

    Think: How will that work, there's no way we all can take the test.

    Rory: Yeah your right, wait I have to now make an excuse.

    lltinvest: Rory you make us look stupid.

    Rory: No, that's jelly's job.

    Silver: What can we do. He's so smart. His investments are always right. Ours lose. When do we run out of money?

    Rory: We're out. I've been B/S on buying shares.

    Birdie: I think you guys are nuts.

    Batzem: Anyone of you want to pet my gerbal.

    Rory: Wash him off. Maybe that's what stinks in HEHAWii.

    Mero: Rory, why did you claim we live in Hawaii. Why did you say would fly down with a check.

    Rory: We used it before and it worked.

    Mero: It has never worked, we are always called on it.

    Jelly: Let's just admit we're out gunned, out smarted, that we haven't enough money to buy one roll of TP. We can still spell better than anyone.

    Rory: Forget it. This is my life you're talking about. I spent 10 years of my life here. I own this board and with your help, I'll own it again. Tomorrwow, we'll wake up and pretend again.

    This is what goes on in rory's head daily. As I will predict, he will try to duplicate an attempt back at this. He's just not to witty on his own.

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