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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jul 31, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    I'm still waiting rory


    I came up with the perfect solution to our bet. This way I don't spin my wheeels and embarrass myself on a guy named roryrae playing games. I'm not walking into a lawyers office here, knowing full well that you have no intentions of ever making good on this bet. Look at the dirty piece of dodo you were on taking a simple test. Now I'm very interesting in this next bet of $200,000 and you calling me a liar on having dealt with a mediation on a insurance claim with this lawyer.

    I have closed up all loopholes for you to weasel out of this. We walk in their office with our two cashier's check, I give the lawyer the two wagers. One being I name my business name that they mediated the insurance claim, once he confirms it with a document, you hand me the $200,000. The original bet is then presented, if you cannot validate the claims the second check is forfeited by you or vs versa.

    I figure we're their 20 minutes, when we discover you cannot validate any of your claims. Sound about right dodo. Now give me the flight number and dates and lets get this moving. I also stated I would take you to disney, to ride the appropriate ride, It's a small small world. My treat.

    I have stated I would allow the attorney to review your facts only and if your broker's statement supports your post we move down the line. You like to make bets, now man up.

    Yes you are in deep crap, and no mommy cannot help you. You're the idiot throwing around bets, I think this is the only fair method to settle this. Two cashiers checks each for $200,000.00 plus we both have cash to pay our share of the Lawyers fees in this matter. This makes sense rory. It's fair, it gets the bet completed.

    what excuse will little bopeep have now? What misdirection can he come up with? Like batzem stated, just this week alone you have contradicted on posts. Book the flight danno, "fly down" from Hawaii to Florida. Opps I should have said that, I see the next $200,000 bet forming in dodo's head right now. Bring your driver's license with you, we make a gentlemans bet on where you live. Time to man up rory.

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    • I'm not walking into a lawyers office here

      You don't have to, you ever heard of a phone, they do have cellular, maybe you dont have one, huh. Simple, call your lawyer who handled the case. Tell him I'll be calling andthat's it. I hangle it from there, WHAT'S HIS NAME ? COME ON BIG SHOT, NAME