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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jul 31, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    I'm still waiting rory


    So I call them and explain all this to them, they listen for 15 minutes and I get a name of someone for you. I tell them a guy name rory will call to confirm. This sounds rational to you. It's a copout and that's what you do. No rory, you fly down with the cashiers checks. Man up. You making dem bets, that you know you cannot keep.

    I know you're a worm and you know you're a worm. Bring the $400,000.00 USA. Bring the statements. Money talks. We show them we're serious. Not these little games you play on the internet. I found the perfect solution, this way I don't waste their time and mine. Will you wear a seat belt in it's a small,small world after all? Your outs of this have been eliminated. If this lawyers states they never heard of case and didn't handle my mediation, you get $200,000.00, if your posts match your brokers statement, you get $200,000.

    YOU THE BIG SHOT MAKING BETS, FLY DOWN FROM HAWAII, bring your drivers license. I'm ready when you're ready.

    They will take us serious if they see the money. man up time rory, no cop outs. We dangle $3,000 in front of them for 2 hours time. You make $400,000. You like to make bets, now follow through.

    Looks like you're only out, is hopes they hang up on me, because I sound like a nut job. Not going to happen bopeep. I gave you a perfect plan to make this work. You're only hope to weasel out of this, is asking for a name. These guys are not going to waste their time, on the hopes that some bet on a anomymous message board. Even a complete moron like you should be able to see that. We show them that we are serious.

    Now what say you, do you use this name copout or do we show them that we are serious. You wouldn't go around making bets that you can't keep would you or better yet have you.