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  • kyjellie kyjellie Aug 10, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

    Special Olympics

    Here we go again. Now Batzem wants to pretend he participated in the greatest market appreciation of all time. Bold words. Interesting how the same two nitwits tie their investment careers to the DOW.

    But by the look of things, both rory and Batzem never seem to get in bed with a stock that moved higher. Kv-a ,BofA, ARQL. You guys are keeping the good ones a secret. I see you just want to look like dopes on the sidelines. You got me convinced you're a dope, so well played.

    Looks like batzem is joining rory in make believe world. You make a challenge kv-a vrs Silver and you get annihalated and you want no discussion on it. Between you and rory on challenges, you guys suck at it. Specially in the greatest market appreciation of all times. Watch them OEX PUTS today.

    Batzem did you have to have reconstruction surgury once you removed your lips from Jelly's behind? Had to be painful.

    Actually you prove my point everyday.

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    • Here we go again

      No here you go again. Anyone or anything that steps in your way having an honest opinion which goes against your ideas with be massacrred. You will stop at nothing, you will change your names, you will constantly lie, you will constantly turn the truth around and make the other person pay. You are in denial about your whole self worth.

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      • Rory where is my $400K? Maybe if you two idiots shut your mouths and buy silver, you will make a profit once. Where have I lied rory?

        Did both you state you bought kva and BofA? Didn't I try to talk you off the ledge on BofA. Your so retarded that you claim that you profited $100 on BofA, but cannot show dates of the transactions, because the stocked tanked.

        As for turning truth around, you post the info and I just monitor it. I give my buys and sells in advance. Just in case someone did buy silver at 18.60 or SLW at $22 when I recommended them.

        I don't hida anything like you two drips. Why post anything rory, if you don't want to accountable. have your so call buys and sells on ASTX are all fabricated. This is simple to see, because if the stock goes in the opposite direction, you change the chatter. BTW rory I got out of the OEX this morning at around 4.00. So I lost 2.50 per option.

        Ok I'm in denial about my own whole self worth. You had an opportunity to find out about my self worth, you needed to book a flight and show me a check for $400K. I think you the one that makes bets you cannot keep. Now please go post a message to yourself.

    • Re KY JELLY see Olympic Roundup 3.