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  • kyjellie kyjellie Aug 11, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

    Spain/World OT

    Looks like everything positive is shorted lived. Spain interest rates on bonds heading back up. The only way they can borrow at a lower rate is to use 3 month/6 month bonds. That means that they have the same heads in a few months. It is so much nicer to get the 10 or better 30 years financing. Who's going to around in 30 years to make good?

    China has seen the Steel slaes sales fall for the first time in 30 years. The problems China has, if they stimulate again, they build up inflation pressure on food. You do not billions of chineese getting mad all at once.

    Austerity, why it cannot work. You see anyone getting something for nothing, doesn't like it when you take it away. Greece getting hit with austerity. Spain and itally want funding, but no austerity. Germany will fund, if your willing to cut expenses. Here is what is starting:

    Austerity backlash heats up: The WSJ discussed the heightened austerity backlash in Spain. It noted that on Tuesday, hundreds of members affiliated with the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT), which represents mainly rural laborers in southern Spain, raided two supermarkets, taking dozens of shopping carts of food from one and forcing the other donate a similar amount the next day. The paper said that while thus far an anomaly, the raids highlight the growing frustration with the Rajoy government's austerity push. It added that public workers, students, taxi drivers and others have been taking the streets to protest on a near-daily basis, while unions are pushing for a referendum on the austerity plans and gearing up for possible nationwide strikes later this year. However, it also pointed out that while the ruling Popular Party's poll numbers have declined since the November elections, it still has a comfortable majority in parliament and the main opposition Socialist Party has been unable to gain any traction.

    Baltic Dry Index down 55%. This is a true measurement of what is being shipped in the world. The oldest shipping company in the world, been in business since 1730, no longer in business.

    Two dopes on this board state were going through the greatest market appreciation in our lifetimes. I beg to differ. What we have gone through is the greatest expansion of the money supply in our history. You better find some silver while you can.

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    • Two dopes on this board state were going through the greatest market appreciation in our lifetimes

      Let me see someone tells us where going to have hyperinflation in 2 years in August 2009-2010, dow jones 9875. Roryrae teases the real dope and tells him he's chicken little and the sky is fslling. the real dope keeps on posting about greece and spain falling but the dow still goes up. The dope nows becomes the BIGGER DOPE. Then he buys puts options but he can't stomach his own words and has to buy it back and becomes the BIGGEST DOPE.
      Why the biggest dumbest dope ? Because he goes against his own words so he doesn't believe hiS SELF WORTH. A person that doesn't believe himself, is the actual dope and we are all here to witness this feat.
      BTW YOU WILL NOW WITNESS A FAST and furious swing or catapult but I won't tell you up or down ? Let the dope tell us.

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      • How are the Bobsey twins this morning? Didn't you two make something like -75% in the greatest market of all time. Now little orphan annie states that we are going to see a catapult situation, but he only knows in what direstion.

        You could probably, correctly call the crash of 1929, in 1932. Seems like you're missing out on a .15 move on astx again. Well you were always the last one in and the first one out. Buy some silver rory. The DOW will like dem printing. You would think that you would have a better idea on where to really invest next time, but you don't.

        Dow up 35%

        Silver up 168%

        Rory and Batzem down 75%

        I like how both of you post identical when you get mad. Like I stated rory, buy those German bonds paying -.25%, you would be much saver, then relying on "I think it looks cheap". BTW, I didn't see anything this weekend showing I lied. What's up with that? What would take a normal person 30 seconds to find, seems to take you and batzem 9 days. I was pretty much on the money again about you rory. I still think the only shares you have in SUPG/Astx are those original 200 shares, that you stoled for only $56 a share.

        Now go play in make believe world.