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  • kyjellie kyjellie Aug 12, 2012 7:39 AM Flag

    Spain/World OT

    How are the Bobsey twins this morning? Didn't you two make something like -75% in the greatest market of all time. Now little orphan annie states that we are going to see a catapult situation, but he only knows in what direstion.

    You could probably, correctly call the crash of 1929, in 1932. Seems like you're missing out on a .15 move on astx again. Well you were always the last one in and the first one out. Buy some silver rory. The DOW will like dem printing. You would think that you would have a better idea on where to really invest next time, but you don't.

    Dow up 35%

    Silver up 168%

    Rory and Batzem down 75%

    I like how both of you post identical when you get mad. Like I stated rory, buy those German bonds paying -.25%, you would be much saver, then relying on "I think it looks cheap". BTW, I didn't see anything this weekend showing I lied. What's up with that? What would take a normal person 30 seconds to find, seems to take you and batzem 9 days. I was pretty much on the money again about you rory. I still think the only shares you have in SUPG/Astx are those original 200 shares, that you stoled for only $56 a share.

    Now go play in make believe world.

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