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  • kyjellie kyjellie Aug 21, 2012 7:37 AM Flag

    EU approval of aml dacogen


    You definitely having a reading problem. Do you undertstand the term "at this time?"

    The person asking the question was trying to figure out if currently was dacogen being used in aml, if so then we wouldn't see any increase in sales, but by the answer it is clear that dacogen for aml is not being sold as of yet. Here is the actual question, maybe you should practice reading this a few times:

    Boris Peaker - Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., Research Division
    I have a couple of questions. Maybe let's start with AML, elderly AML. Could you give us a sense of if and how much use of Dacogen there may be in elderly AML in Europe at this time?

    James S. J. Manuso - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    At this time, it would only be on a named patient basis and perhaps Dr. Azab can address that.

    AT THIS TIME....very important that you comprehend this. I guess you need the share price to fall, so you can buy it back.