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  • toowan12 toowan12 Sep 6, 2012 10:02 PM Flag


    PS. I am not a newbie and have long since passed my long term gain anniv; and, btw, not thinking about selling. I realize however some others have been here longer than I. Further, I am gladly not as cynical as some oldies. Dr. M is definitely not underpaid. I can recall a friend that was occasionally accused of overcompensation and his answer was always the same - you don't run rocket engines on regular gas (for what it's worth/there's two sides to every story)

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    • I knew the stock price most likely would go back to $3. I just wanted to highlight this companies negative, Man uso. Without him, Astex would be a $10 stock. Without him shareholders could of pocketed $7 in dividends. Without him, Supergens 3 largest institutional investors would still be holding there shares. Not bashing Man uso, just want him to leave.

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      • Batzem,

        I don't care for stockwaun style, however he is doing some DD. The cheerleading is a turnoff and in this guy small mind, he thinks he makes a difference. However, if you think rory played any benefit here, you talking to yourself. Look at how civil the board is without him. We have honest conversations. We still have mero, who knows squat about this stock and so my job is not done here, correcting his b/s. Now for the guy who thinks Manuso has to go, you're nuts. The next guy may raid the 100M in cash and blow through the credit line of $150M. Every mistake Dr.M has made, he has also also made a big difference else where. He sold Nipent, he got Eisai involved, when he knew Supg was in trouble.

        He moved sgi-110, amuvatinib and was smart on bring astx into the mix. If this stock goes to $10,20,30 it will because of DR. M. He's conservative, he finds ways to get drugs into trials on the cheap. Look around at the big boys, they spend a billiona nd have to scrap it. Applaud this guy, it's easy to play arm chair quarterback, when you're not in the game. The $10M in milestones that dacogen will achieve with approval and hitting a milestone sales level, pays 8 years of his salary. Where do you get a return like that? If this company gets bought out one day, it will be because of his leadership and expertise on balancing costs and development and making good decisions. I had my doubts, but he has road out the storm on dacogen and was right about it, the street just didn't like uncertainities. I bet at $5 you'll love this guy.

        The long road to real news is a lot shorter now because of him. We are no longer a one trick pony. The great line from brother had a pony, my sister had a pony, I had a pony, we all had a pony and I love my pony.

        Today we are closer than ever to a biotech that can produce good drugs. Did you listen to the presentation this week, fragment drugs are the future. I will get the exact words and post. GSK want in on this discovery process, BTW all the speculation on who would buy astx, my guess it will be GSK. There will be a bidding war. Sad, we'll never see the true potential rewards. We'll be scoup up before it.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell