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  • batzem batzem Sep 6, 2012 7:41 PM Flag


    Who wishes Stockwaun and his band of followers would leave the building . Miss our own regular cast of characters. Where are you Roryrae? Starting to worry. On the positive side I guess is the our dramatic price increase cause strange things to crawl out from under the rocks like that Ikabro idiot a few months back.

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    • Look at the bright side. At least it's not hard to keep up. I mean, 2 - 3 days worth of messages are on page 1 :-)

      Joking aside, I came here to warn everyone about Stockwaun, and ended up researching a company I'm actually interested in - as a long term play - unlike Stockwaun, who I assure you just wants a quick gain.

    • PS. I am not a newbie and have long since passed my long term gain anniv; and, btw, not thinking about selling. I realize however some others have been here longer than I. Further, I am gladly not as cynical as some oldies. Dr. M is definitely not underpaid. I can recall a friend that was occasionally accused of overcompensation and his answer was always the same - you don't run rocket engines on regular gas (for what it's worth/there's two sides to every story)

    • My two cents Batz: some regulars are so invested in bashing Dr. M, it seems when astx receives prestigious awards and hits new highs they are speechless. For me, I welcome some of the, not the weirdos, new blood (no pun intended).

    • lol batzem, I never encountered this stockwuan guy before, but the first time I saw him post here I thought of stocklasar. Nearly everything stocklasar posted at SeekingAlpha was taken from this message board and so are stockwuan's comments.

      Still, I wish him the best. His drama is a welcome relief from the lunacy that had been going on. If he makes money I make money, so let him pump. We'll keep him honest.