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  • mistymackin mistymackin Sep 28, 2012 8:51 AM Flag

    congrats the wait is over -- now lets figure out revenue

    ok does anyone know pricing on dacogen the only thing i can find is the older prices from 2009 that were established..... they said astx gets 20% royaltys at first then escalating to 30% well back in 2009 the average dose of dacogen is $1643.75 for a 50 mg dose the average person gets 3 days of doses every 8 hours of 15mg per 8 hours so that comes to $14,794 / 20% = $2954 per treatment revenue to astx ..... does this sound right maybe yall can help ..... if this is true what i read is they have to have 4 cycles of these treatments which i think ( a cycle ) is per month so this equals to $11,816 per person usage of dacogen for astex

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