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  • batzem batzem Sep 28, 2012 1:23 PM Flag


    Less than 6 months ago we closed at 1.59 I believe we have put in a new floor in the high
    2's or low 3's. Revenue stream from Europe is uncertain and is many months away.
    In addition to the fact the "street doesnt trust the CEO the future of Dacogen revenue ex US remains uncertain after US patent expiry in Nov 2013. While the lack of a Vidaza generic bodes well for us it still remains a uncertaintiy whether or when a generic will come and basically eliminate 200 mil in revenue. The street doesnt like uncertainty. To now get to the next level we need posiktive news on one of the clinical compounds (S110) and a resulting partnership.

    We are more than half way up the hill but summit is still aways off

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    • Two peas in a pod," batty and merlo." Here's a question: if it's so bleak why don't you just sell?

      As investors you have no credibility. But as whiney whiners you two are king. My guess you are one in the same and using same keyboard. How's that boiler room thing workin for you dude?

    • Problem is CEO. Look other biotechs have less potential drugs in pipeline and cash and are priced much higher. Man uso needs to go. Man uso should of sold Supergen for $4 when he had the offer. Nothing but self serving greed made him say no. When did you ever hear an analyst question managements integrity during a conference call. When did a CEO ever publish a news announcement, I am now focused on creating shareholder value. Where are shareholder class action attorneys when you need them!

      • 2 Replies to merohricht
      • Mero,

        So you want shareholder value and in the next sentence, you want to see a class action taken. Do you take stupid pills or were you born this way? Several weeks ago, you were stating the FDA would not understand ASTX technology.

        We will see $4 by Christmas. So hang on to your panties. I'm sure Dacogen is already on the move in the EU for AML. We have numerous things going forward.

        SRPT shares are up since the last quarter. ASTX owns 400K shares of it. That adds $4M to the balance sheet. You could not ask for a better biotech.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Hey too too, sounds a little@@@####. Maybe, just maybe if people step up, we can make a change. Not an Obama change but a change.