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  • jimkolak jimkolak Oct 3, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    With All Of The Good News Recently

    Why is the stock going down?

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    • spam alert! merlo and other aliases working hard hitting the astx board - but not very credibly.

    • Investors like you and me and new people which are buying the stock is actually pushing the stock down. There not selling it, the individual investors which are buying the stock is pushing it down. The institutions either have shorted it in the $3.30 or marketmakers are holding more stock hoping people will be selling it compared to buyers.

    • Look I know it is hard to believe, it is for me as well.
      The fact remains that this is a BioTech development firm that has not presented any results since the last management team was in charge.
      Unless and Until the company has a new product(s) to market NADA!
      Mean while back at the ranch there is a whole lot of money grabbing by Manuso. I still would like to know if he has any relatives on the payroll? This company has been treated like a family owned company by Manuso, and like an ATM.

    • My guess is it is the small investors thinking they should have sold at 3.30 or higher and now they are in a panic and will sell it cheap. I haven't seen any news. I read where one analyst about a month ago stated that if EU approval comes, then ASTX should be a 4$ stock. I believe he is correct. I sold 1/3 of my shares at a good price. The other 2/3 I am holding. I believe this is a good stock long term. I think after a couple of earnings quarters, it will be a 4$ stock. I am glad the guys who panic are getting out. It makes it go up and down like a yoyo. Watch for large blocks purchased. If you see that, then you know some "big/deep pocket" investors are buying in.

    • All drugs in the pipeline have failed, they have run out of money and Dacogen causes cancer. Will those answers stop you from asking the same question about 300 times everytime this stock goes down 10 cents. Can't stand the heat, then move on and buy a nice dividend yielding stock so you can sleep better.