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  • silverold silverold Oct 4, 2012 7:19 PM Flag

    The Debate-OT

    Romney looked good. The market liked it. I heard someone refer to today's rally as a "Romney Rally." Obama kept looking down during the debate. I thought he was looking down at his phone. (Maybe looking for a "text" that contained the answers to Romney's questions. He obviously wasn't "up to the challenge" on his own. Just my opinion.)

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    • Silver what are you doing talking about politics on this message board when you should be saying how great we had added 20 million dollars to our cofferdam. We should be applauding by shear luck that srpt provided added income. How much did dacogen royalties bring us last year ? We were looking at a slightly negative 2012 income. Then last quarter a sightly positive 2012 income due to 5 million received for newer wannabe drug. Then add another 20 million of free cash. You know how hard it is to add 20 million in cash toward a $3 penny stock company ?
      BTW hate to say it but that dingbat is absolutey right at $4 before the end of year. Montigen was a bust but astx is the real deal. The stock price is currently being manipulated and people are scared. We keep believing that this is the same old company that disappoint us every single time. It won't this time $7 sez the little birdie.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It is obvious that he is lost without his teleprompter. He had his attack talking points on his written notes and kept going back to them when he was confronted about his record for the past 4 years. The economy is definitely not his strength. I just don't think he is prepared for non-softball questions. The media has been coddling him since he ran for the senate. Let's see if he has anything to show in the next two debates. I am really looking forward to the debate next Thursday. It should be good comedy with Uncle Joe.