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  • thinkabout1120 thinkabout1120 Oct 8, 2012 4:16 PM Flag

    The Story of the Decade

    One Hundred and Forth Nine employees. Lead by A CEO and Chairman of the Board, who attends conferences all over the world, while producing absolutely no results in over ten years. Who has taken and taken salary and bonus dollars as well as living the high life with a premium leased cars, and the best hotels, and son on and so forth.
    This has been paid for by the work of the previous management team who successfully marked a proven compound.
    We have learned of CLIMB, and PYRMIAD and pipelines and news releases but we have not heard about any results.
    This is why we are where we are. NADA!
    Unless and Untill!!!

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    • Today this same poster claims just the opposite. That one year ago, he had zero appreciation for this stock. Be very careful of these pumpettees, when the stock's trading at $2, they have no faith, now that it's trading at $5.50 they have only glowing remarks. Tell us smart one, why didn't you see the $4 move coming?

      This borad is full of these same remarks, by the same pumpettees who today believe you're a near the promise land. Must be something in a price move that unlocks the testosterone. Because they go from simpletons at $2 and geniuses at $5.50. You can be very assured they know what they are talking about. Ignore they knew nothing just a year ago at $2.

      Be very careful of this board.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Max, too funny. Where do these spam heads come from? Sounds just like merlo and batty. Meanwhile astx just keeps knocking the cover off the ball and ringing the cash register louder and louder.

    • Can I buy your 100 shares?

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      • There are just to many bag holders here that until Man uso leaves are willing to sell. You are wrong about Man uso, he has one potential win and that is srpt or his AVII purchase. Proving even the dumbest of us all get lucky sometime. His funniest line, I will now focus on creating shareholder value now.

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      • Toowan,

        There is one character that has multiple ids,( Mero,think,rory,loving,jelly, silverold) and I have pointed out in the past, how when one ID get's a brain fart, they all do.

        As for stating batzem is somehow a basher, you need to read more of his messages. He was the first to realize SRPT had good news and since he has been around, he also put the pieces together, that was AVII news and that ASTX owned 400,000 shares after the split. It will be interesting to hear Dr. M update on revalue the SRPT story.

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