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  • kyjellie kyjellie Oct 9, 2012 8:51 PM Flag


    Here's what I see. On astx webpage it lists at7519 as partnered by Novartis. I don't know when that happen. But here is a PR on a different astx compound that states Novartis as a partner and a option to partner AT7519.

    Astex grants worldwide license to Novartis for Astex's novel cell-cycle

    inhibitor, AT9311, with an option to license a second Astex cell cycle

    inhibitor, AT7519, currently in Phase 1.
    (This is slightly old news, since at7519 is in ph2)

    Maybe it has always listed Novartis or maybe it's new? The other thing I looked at is the actual trials on who is listed as sponsor/collaborators and I didn't see Novartis listed. They have astx listed on one trial as sponsor/collaborator and on the other 3 trials with this drug they list NCIC as collaborator. NCIC is a Canadian sponsored organization. Maybe someone else will stumble on when Novartis got involved with AT7519. Recent or has been a partner

    BTW if Novartis is the partner, see webpage, then they would announce details at ASH.

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    • Free,

      You are right. AT7519 is still on Astex website. Old presentation had Novartis listed as partner. What is throwing me and Bat maybe is that they do not list the Phase 2 results as a Q4 event as they had earlier this year. Not sure what changed unless As you speculate, Novartis will give the Phase 2 results at ASH. Hope that is the case.

      If you google AT7519, there is a blurb that says that Astex and MMEC started a phase 2 trial TWO years ago. Damn, hope that is wrong.