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  • silverold silverold Oct 17, 2012 12:33 PM Flag

    Hate And His ID's


    I see you are back on the "ID thing" again. Tell me something. Can Romney win? I have it at "even money" currently.


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    • Very simple - take most or all of the id's that blame Dr. M and astx for every malady from global warming to the fiscal meltdown and they will go back to the boiler room(s). Simple deductive reasoning process: dummies that all happen to post the same baseless claims cannot be coincidence or legit long investors.

    • I honestly don't think Silver is one of Rory's IDs. I think Romney has a better than 50% chance of winning, since Obama favorability rating is under 50% in all the swing states. That isn't good news for an incumbant. Our economy really needs a change from high deficits, and I think America is starting to figure that out. Unless Obama can lay out a plan that seriously shows cuts in spending and some novel ideas in the next couple weeks, I think he is done. He hasn't shown detailed plans in this election cycle, while demanding the same from Romney/Ryan. I think that is going to backfire on him. I also think the oversampling of Democrats in the polls has been very misleading and has been exposed now. Just energizes Romney's base even more. Mainstream media thinks they control popular opinion, but they are mistaken.

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      • Look we can not have all of the government we want and not pay for it.
        The Clinton administration got us caught up and the Republicans made a mess by cutting taxes and adding spending.
        This was followed by a finical melt down of epic proportions.
        Now we have to pay our bills, it is that simple. If you want to be an empire and the policeman of the world you got to step up and pay.
        Other wise cut out Medicare, Social Security, and Defense Spending and we can all go back to the way it was in the 1920’s. The Republicans have been saying you can have your Hot Fudge Sunday and not gain a pound.

      • "I honestly don't think Silver is one of Rory's IDs."

        Thanks Sicle. I really don't think "Hate" believes it either. The country is in real trouble. You're right. We need change. The "deficits" are going to kill us. They won't stop spending, and they keep printing money. The "currency" is not being protected. Buy gold and silver and take delivery. It's cheap insurance to protect one's assets. Just my opinion.