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  • thinkabout1120 thinkabout1120 Oct 19, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    Next CC?? Time to speak up!

    Why don’t you get it? While the earnings are important it is what they are NOT doing in their core business that matters.
    They have a “what if” pipe line. I like you; want the company to be successful with a new compound, and I would like to see the success soon.
    The fact of the matter is this bunch has not produced ANY RESULTS.
    They have been in charge of 149 people for over a decade and launched how many drugs? They are paying themselves very well for managing the revenue generated by the last management team.
    I still would like to know if Manuso has family members on the payroll
    Unless and Until they produce a compound there will be no move in the stock price.
    Let us hope that should a compound be developed which is a “block buster” we do not get dealt out by a taking it private move by these wonderful free market business men.

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