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  • toowan12 toowan12 Oct 24, 2012 8:19 AM Flag

    ASTX initiates phase 2 trial for NSCLC

    ...and nsclc is a very large market! 4 bil in 2009. merlo and batty better get their nausea pills ready!!

    GLTA longs!!!

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    • this just in...Astx finds cure for cancer...with absolutely no market reaction....

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      • Why would a market react to a drug going into ph2? However the good news is they discontinued a trial in SCLC and enter a trial in NSCLC. This is 20x the opportunity. For all those winnies who are constantly crying, i suggest you all buy those German bonds paying a negative interest rates.

        This was once a one trick pony, today it's a 10 trick pony. The guys crying the most on this board are the same dummies that chased BofA,KVA,ARQL. They have taken anywhere from a 75%-100% haircut telling us how smart they are. We got loverboy daily trying to guess a shareprice, hoping you forget his 1.81 claim.

        The same je rkoffs who claim that the FDA will not understand ASTX technology are constantly posting fears here. This CEO has now taken the correct steps to grow value. He has also managed expenses and grew cash the past 3 years. We will see another ph2 sgi-110 trial starting shortly. In the next few months we will have a growing idea of what the aml approval means in revenues.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy