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  • roryrae roryrae Oct 25, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    I still say $2.40

    They don't make those gaps for nothing.

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    • Pappy you were saying 1.81. Write this stuff down, so you don't forget. Now who invents an id called lovingfriendship? Then you get busted posting a rory message using the loving one. Did you notice I didn't even try talking you out of selling at 2.31. Tell everyone how you bought originally at $7.50 a share.

      I did try to talk you off the ledge with BofA. But you wouldn't listen. I gave you silver in the teens. If you need $4 bucks, all you had to do is buy again silver at $26, today it's up over $32. Here's a free one, silver headed to $100. Every call I made on silver has worked. Every call you made.... hasn't.

      Getting cold in Ohio or is MN? They still building dem roads. The battleground is OHIO, so I guess Oblamer put all dem dollars in dem roads there. What's another trillion.

      The crooks are exiting JP Morgan stock, I wonder why? Buckle up, the cliff is coming.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy