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  • lovinfriendship lovinfriendship Oct 25, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    Hey dingbat read this

    Had he sold the company at $4 before my Silver call. I would have invested my Supg proceeds of $240,000

    Therefore you own 60k shares. Now wouldn't you rather have $240k instead of $159k as we speak. You sure you wasn't raised by hogs...oink oink

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    • I wish I had your crystal ball. The biggest fool on the planet sells before every advancement on this stock. How many times did you have to buy it back at higher price? I count at least 10 times.

      Maybe we take a look at all your claims. Date the posts and the share price and just see how smart you are. BTW they didn't get bought out at $4 so your comparison doesn't make sense.

      I invested to see the $20 per share payoff, not $4. I now think the $20 share price maybe too low. I love how dumb dumb brags about sell most his shares at 2.31 and the share price runs to 3.40 range and he thinks he's smart. Only in rory's world is up down and down up.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy