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  • roryrae roryrae Oct 25, 2012 12:22 PM Flag


    I don't about you but losing close to 100k is no laughing matter and I wouldn't brag about it.

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    • 60,000 shares x 3.40 = 204,000
      - basis 1.725 = 103,500
      add another 10 cents or another 6k. to the downside. so now its $153000 and you just lost half in profits. And you think the $4 offer made to Manuso is penny ante huh ? What you forget to add to your lovely senerio is time value. If you held it for the past 6 years 50k spread over 6 years come out to be 8k.and that would be 8% on your 100k investment. Convince me this was a good investment when you could of put your money into the s&p at 750 and now looking at close to 100% profit ?

    • Granted I could maybe have sold recently at $3.40. I have an average price of 1.725. Let's see if your $100,000 holds water. I didn't know that mp-470 would be discontinued. I believed that aml would be a helpfor the share price. But unlike rory, I'm suppose to have crystal ball. But let's say I had a hunch at 3.40, the price was going to fall. I sell all my 60,000 shares at 3.40 and we will assume that I had no impact on the share price.

      60,000 shares x 3.40 = 204,000
      - basis 1.725 = 103,500

      I net out $100,500 I own taxes on the this of $15,000

      Take the 3.40 - 2.68 today. That is equal to .72 x 60,000 shares = $43,200 - the $15,000 taxes.

      This is equal to $28,200. About 1/4 of the $100K you state I missed out on. Get your facts correct rory.

      Now do you want to show us the math on you selling half your position at 2,31 and missing the run to 3.40? I will guess that you owned 10,000 shares and you sold half. that sound right dumb dumb.

      So you missed out on 5,000 shares moving $1,09 a share. That is equal to $5,450. You liberals pay no taxes, so we can assume no saving there. Now this doubles if you sold 10,000 shares and triples if you sold 15,000 shares.

      I don't pretend to be a trader in astx. But had I listen to you sell at 2.31, today I would have a value $21,000 less. I think I'll just do what I'm doing and you keep trading loverboy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy