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  • silverold silverold Oct 25, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

    2016 (The movie)-OT

    It's out on DVD this week. (Southern California anyway.) Very informative. It shows the roadmap of how Obama got his Socialist tendencies.

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    • I saw the movie.

      However to understand Obama, you have to understand colonialism. This is deep in his bones. This is why he feels he needs to apoligize for America.Silver you posted awhile back about electoral college, I hope that you maybe learned a few things, that you were ignorant about.

      This election could come down to that Romney wins the Presidency and Biden the Vice President. Don't laugh. It could happen. If they tie on electoral votes, the tie breakers go to the house and Senate. The House decides who wins the Presidency and the senate the Vice President. It is so close a race, we could end up with the strangest election ever. Then we get the fiscal cliff.

      Investors have to be careful, capital gains go out the window in 2013. Thank you Obamacare. But then again, you have to pass the bills to find out what's in them.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy