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  • silverold silverold Oct 26, 2012 12:00 PM Flag


    Looks like the "wh" dropped the ball again. Didn't they tell us Al qaeda was on the run? More lies? The investigation won't take place until after the election. How convenient!

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    • How about WMD - gate or Al-Qaeda-in IRAQ - gate , I haven't heard you complaining about that investigation, how convenient, just serve your political preference.
      you are silver old but still have kids mentality and neonatal world view , you should be ashamed of yourself , what a wasted life , constant whining no matter what subject you talking about, nothing else.
      Do yourself a favor stop whining and acting like a LOSER, move forward sell Astex and vote Robme.
      BTW this is Astex board and not political one, you have nobody to talk to.... go to senior citizens center.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "move forward, sell Astex and vote Robme."


        You don't think Obama and his buddies at the Fed are robbing you? They have made the "dollar" a "pos" with low interest rates and the "doubling of the debt" in the last 4 years. Don't you understand what is going on? Obviously not.

        Regarding your #$%$" about "political messages." I always put "OT" up. (Off Topic.) If you see the "OT" then don't read it .(Sometimes one must break the boredom cycle.)

        Good luck on your investing.(You're going to need it.) Don't worry yourself about my ownership of Astex. I've done very well, in my investments, over a number of years.