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  • mdbob86 mdbob86 Oct 30, 2012 10:40 PM Flag

    financials are fine just waiting on drug results

    financials are never the problem just ready for the q4 drug results

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    • The YOY sales growth slowed. If you read my 100's of posts, up to now I have been positive about astx. Today, I'm not so sure. Dr. Manuso, several years ago assured the street that dacogen would not be impacted by vidaza survival data. He was right, but the street sold this down from $5 to $1.25. I see a share price declined and then a nice rebound in Dec. The only thing I liked about yesterdays update, was that they will release sgi-110 responses at ash.

      I see $2 before we see $8.

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      • I can gurantee you with the amount of research and time i've put into this that the only reason this stock is the way it is, simply is due to the fact of there drug history and that seems to be turning around if you knew anything about chemistry you'd understand hsp90 fgfr kinase and sgi-110 are going to do fantastic YOY sales will slow especially when you see growth from 2009-2010 expand a whopping 60-70% nothing can expand forever in a limited market. I also can bet you my portfolio that this stock does not hit levels of 2$ again. Read before you write.