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  • maximus06906 maximus06906 Oct 31, 2012 2:26 PM Flag


    Really am. Can't believe we are back down to these levels. Will reserve any further comments untill I get my 5 questions answered by Timmy Boy in IR.

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    • Lol mero thinks he's taught us something. He still cannot explain why the FDA would not understand astx technology. To clear the record, I understood that the street would not like the revision. Mero had no clue, if he did, he wouldn't be whinning everyday as the shareprice went up.

      Until this company has a second drug, we are at the mercy of dacogen growing revenues. I had 7500 shares in my IRA that I can trade. So I made a smart call here. No taxes and I can buy back near 500 additional shares. I believe long term that this company has a terrific shots at a second and third drug appovals. Then it becomes a target for a buyout.

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    • Good questions max. Very well thought out. I believe the impairment charge, maybe related to mp-470 writedown and climb? I think at7519 is partnered now. See if I'm right. I plan on looking at ASH site in the next few days. Usually you can start reading what they will present.

      Good work. I had fired of fa e-mail to tim. I wasn't too nice about the claims of shareholder appreciation this year. Way to many broken promises.

      I stated for years now, once they have a misstep with sgi-110, I'm gone.

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    • I can't either which is why I bought more shares at $2.35 today. My original purchase was at $3.25. I'm hoping we get back of $3 in the near term. I don't think the #'s were that bad at all plus the company looks be reporting a positive # next quarter. The market and the biotech sector is down big as a whole today.

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